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In the last 170 years since its founding in 1850, Leybold has written its chapter in industrial history and, not least through the ground breaking inventions of Wolfgang Gaede, founded the worldwide vacuum industry. From the first industrial applications in the production of light bulbs 100 years ago until today, the company has reinvented itself again and again to adapt to the requirements of the global market.


A Vacuum Gauge is a pressure measuring instrument that measures pressure in a vacuum (i.e., in a vessel operating at sub-atmospheric pressure). Depending on the type of vacuum system and the required operating vacuum level, different vacuum gauges are required, often in combination with one another, to accurately determine and/or control the vacuum level of the chamber at any given moment in time.. We are the distributors for Fil Tec-USA for vacuum gauges.


The powerful RF power supply of the YSR-South Korea are characterized by the highest efficiency and process stability. They are therefore, perfectly suited for demanding plasma processes such as those used during the production of semi-conductors, photovoltaic cells, or flat screens. Matchboxes for impedance matching that are perfectly adapted to the power supply ensure the optimal and stable power transfer from the generator to the plasma at all times.


Induction heating is an ingenious and effective, non contact process for electromagnetically heating electrically conductive materials such as metals and semiconductors. Heat is transferred to the material by a rapidly fluctuating magnetic field, created by running a high frequency alternating current through an electromagnet specially designed for the application. Induction heating is not only fast and efficient, but also provides a high tech, precise heating technique For more than 30 years CEIA has been working on the design and manufacture of no-contact Induction Heating Devices for metal treatment. High and medium frequency generators, control units, optical sensors for measuring temperature and automatic solder alloy wire supply devices make up the line of products known as the Power Cube Family, which are ideal for industrial processes of heat treatment and braze welding.

CEIA's unique technological solutions allow the manufacturing of power equipment with compact size, extremely high energy efficiency and long term reliability.

The high performance they offer contributes to the widespread use of CEIA systems in the most important industrial fields, where they have received the approval of end users and final product manufacturers.


Vacuum coating and metallizing is the process of adding a thin film of aluminium or other coating to a material. In principle, the process calls for the evaporation of the coating material inside a vacuum chamber, after which it condenses onto a web of substrate as it passes through.

The technology of vacuum coating is divided into two families, named CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) and PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Tecno vacuum, Italy is one of the top manufactures of the PVD Technology metallizers like thermal, sputtering and ARC metallizers.

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