Process Instrumentation

Process Instruments are used to control or monitor process variables such as Flow, Pressure, Level, Moisture, Temperature, etc.
Why process instrumentation are necessary?
These process instruments measure variable parameters which are needed to be monitored continually in the process of manufacturing. so as to maintain the quality of end product. If the end product quality is maintained your customers will remain satisfied.


A flow controller is a device used to measure and control the flow rate or quantity of a gas or liquid moving through a closed pipe/duct.
Why do you need to measure/control the flow?
The accurate measurement of a gas/liquid is necessary to obtain specific proportions as per the production process requirement. The maintenance of definite rates of flow is important for maximum efficiency and precise production quality control.
We are distributors for Vögtlin, Switzerland and they are experts in thermal mass flow meters and controllers manufacturing for gases. We would be glad to use our years of flow measurement expertise and suggest you the optimum flow metering solutions based your application demand & budget.


SINCERE is the manufaturer of the scientific, cost effective and reliable measuring instruments like Flow, Level and Temperature. Their products are working in 53 counties worldwide. We are the representative of their products in india.


Level sensor is a instrument to measure the material level. SINCARE instruments are high accuracy and reliability, cost effective and easy to install.


High Quality temperature sensors ideal for most rugged industriel applications, such as in chemical and petrochemical industry, Food and Beverages industry, pulp and paper industry, machine and apparatus construction.


In order to maintain a continuous pressure in your manufacturing Process we have a range of pressure controllers Pressure sensors & transmitters economical range to measure pressure. We are distributors for Vogtlin, Switzerland for digital forward and back pressure controllers.

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