Process Instrumentation

Vogtlin is a Swiss developer of precision flow instrumentation. For the last 35 years, vogtlin flow experts have ensured high-value products and solutions for customer flow measurement and control tasks. Vogtlin mass flow meters and mass flow controllers for gases with digital and analog output and IP67/NEMA6 and ATEX protection serve a wide range of applications.

KEM Kuppers

KEM Kuppers -Germany is a leading Coriolis and mechanical flow meter manufacturer. TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meters are absolute, reliable, and robust sensors that find their use in a wide range of applications. Direct measurements of mass flow, density, and temperature are performed simultaneously. The unique design and modern manufacturing technology ensure flow meters that, in addition to measurement accuracy, are highly resistant to external influences. Whether you want to measure liquids or gases, the TRICOR Coriolis Mass Flow Meter can do both.

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